Success Stories

Selling Safely for Maximum Value

Both of these clients sold during lockdown in April, well over asking price.

An Insanely Inspiring Story

Don and Theresa were waiting for just the right apartment to come up at their preferred independent living choice and they proceeded with the move. Lockdown started and the plans to list the house all of a sudden seemed hopeless. The Olear Team utilized a virtual marketing plan and sold the house $20 K over asking price in less than a week. Here’s what their daughter wrote to say thanks:

Another Insanely Inspiring Story

After living in her beloved home for nearly 60 years, our client Madelene decided to move to Florida to live with her daughter. This meant selling during the first pandemic to hit our country in 100 years. The Olear Team started helping Madelene and her family in late 2019 with a goal of listing in Spring 2020, but with the impact of Covid-19 beginning to ramp up, we simply couldn’t ignore concerns about health and safety. 

The Olear Team suggested a virtual approach and confidently moved forward with listing the house at a competitive price. Five offers came in after the first weekend of showings and the home sold in for $21,000 over the asking price.